Q: When is the park open?
F: It is an outdoor seasonal park.

Wednesday-Friday 12pm-8pm

Saturday 12pm-6pm

Sunday Reservation ONLY


Q: How much is a ticket?
F:  $13 plus tax per person . Children under 2 yrs old are free, children ages 3-5 are $8.00.  

Q: Do I have to purchase a pass if I will just be watching my child in the park?
F: No, but all Children 13 years of age and under must purchase a ticket and be accompanied by an adult.


Q: Are there changing areas and lockers in the park?
F: No, currently we do not have restrooms or lockers available.


Q: Are towels included in our ticket for the park?
F: No, towels are not included. 


Q: Can guests bring outside food and drink into the park?
F: Inside the Inflatable Park, no glass containers, coolers, and outside food or beverages are not permitted. Tables and chairs are available just outside the park entrance at Community Gardens for those who wish to bring food with them and enjoy it outside the park.


Q: Can guests exit and re-enter the park?
F: Yes, guests may exit and re-enter the park as often as you’d like. Just remember to keep your daily pass with you as that will be required to re-enter to play.


Q: What is the dress code?
F: Inside the park, guests wishing to participate in swimming activities must be wearing a lined swimsuit. Loose fitting clothing and accessories that pose an entrapment risk are not permitted. Clothing that is revealing or has questionable content is not permitted and judgment on the appropriateness of clothing is at the sole discretion of park management. Children who are wearing a diaper must have a swim diaper on at all times.


Q: What happens if park closes due to bad weather?
F:  If you are in the Park for less than 2 hours and the Park needs to close due to inclement weather, you will be given a free pass to come back another day during the current year.

Q: Does birthday child count in the party package?

A: No, child does not count. Birthday child is FREE!!

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